All in Good Time by Maureen Lang

All in Good Time's heroine, Dessa Caldwell dreams of founding Pierson House, a sanctuary in historic Denver for women of ill repute looking to start anew.  Burdened by impatience, Dessa rushes to gain possession of a building to secure her vision, prior to raising the necessary funds for the purchase in full.  She enters into a loan agreement with town banker, Henry, who has no … [Read more...]

Decision to Love by Michelle Sutton (Book Review)

Hope loves her husband dearly and feels beyond blessed that their marriage has withstood the test of an extramarital affair, but when her only son shocks them with a revelation neither is prepared for, the family is yet, again thrown into turmoil.  As a Christian woman who recognizes fallacies in herself, Hope struggles to understand her role and purpose as the relationship … [Read more...]

March Virtual Book Club for Kids–Julia Donaldson

Virtual Book Club I am delighted to be participating in the Virtual Book Club for Kids for March.  The author highlighted is Julia Donaldson.  This is not an author I was very familiar with and I was grateful to have suggestions for what book might be best to read to my 7 month old from both Mud Hut Mama ("Cave Baby" or "Monkey Puzzle") and Jill at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom … [Read more...]

Purgatory Reign by L.M. Preston (Blog Book Tour Review)

I’m excited that today, Prey Species is a stop on the blog tour for L.M. Preston’s latest book:  Purgatory Reign.  I’m delighted to highlight the work of an author who is not only an accomplished YA science fiction writer, but a proud and loving wife who gives her husband a great deal of credit for being both inspiration and encouragement behind her books. She is also Mom to … [Read more...]

Seed Starting-The First Step to Gardening

Having been both student and teacher, I can guarantee you that being an expert doesn’t automatically make you a particularly good instructor.  Fortunately, Gary Emmett is both expert and teacher.  He communicates the essentials of learning how to grow plants from seeds without overwhelming the reader with technical tidbits or intimidating vocabulary. Gary provided an … [Read more...]