Looking to Reduce Family Screen Time? Try Growing Up Social by Gary Chapman (Comment to Win A Free Copy!!!)

My Review Reducing the amount of time my family spends mindlessly glued to the television or computer is an ongoing battle.  Before having kids we routinely fell asleep to the news on the TV in the bedroom, read Face Book posts from our phones to each other at the dining room table, and watched television marathons and Netflix movies every weekend.  With little ones in the … [Read more...]

Still Alice

Still Alice

Alice is a well respected Harvard professor and mother of three intelligent, talented children.  She is happily married and lives an active, healthy lifestyle as a runner.  The memory loss is unexpected and terrifying.  An intelligent woman, Alice's very identify and self-worth are intimately tied to her ability to function at a high level as an instructor, researcher, and … [Read more...]

The Feasts – How the Church Year Forms Us as Catholics by Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Mike Aquilina

Growing up I often looked at being Catholic as a "to do list" or a penance.  Tales of Catholic guilt and nuns with rulers were predominant themes in my knowledge of my faith.  This book focuses on the joy of being Catholic and encourages us to recognize that there is cause for celebration in a love so great that Jesus died for us on the cross. One of the earliest chapters in … [Read more...]