All in Good Time by Maureen Lang

All in Good Time‘s heroine, Dessa Caldwell dreams of founding Pierson House, a sanctuary in historic Denver for women of ill repute looking to start anew.  Burdened by impatience, Dessa rushes to gain possession of a building to secure her vision, prior to raising the necessary funds for the purchase in full.  She enters into a loan agreement with town banker, Henry, who has no initial interest in offering Dessa money for a venture he is certain will fail.  Henry’s Uncle Tobias, ever the matchmaker and focused on Henry’s future happiness, waylays any plans of Henry’s refusal.  Both Dessa and Henry have pasts that drive their actions in current day and that history threatens the very life they hope to share, but a true belief in the Lord offers hope for both forgiveness and true love!

My mother is fond of saying that there is a big difference between preaching God’s word to others and actually living God’s word in your everyday life.  The heroine of All in Good Time, Dessa, is an amazing example of a woman who truly strives to live out God’s plan without judgment or condemnation to others.  My biggest fears when choosing to review a Christian Romance are that the novel with either be preachy and over the top with religious sentiment that leaves me feeling uncomfortable, rather than romanced or that the book will feel like it is lacking the passion and physical chemistry found in more graphic romance novels.  This book manages to avoid both of those common pitfalls.  The tension building to a simple kiss between these two characters brought as much yearning and stomach butterflies to this reader as any full on sexual encounter from similar genre books, not of the Christian persuasion.  I loved it!  I recommend it!  I will be reading many more books by this author, Maureen Lang Smile

Reasons to Read:  All in Good Time is a wonderful, comfortable, intelligent read with strong, virtuous characters that both inspire and entertain!  Snuggling up with this book is like having coffee with good friends!

Reasons to Pass:  This is a Christian Romance and does quote scripture and makes reference to God’s will.  If this makes you uncomfortable it will be harder for you to enjoy this fantastic storyline.

Category:  Historical Christian Romance

Suggested Rating:  PG  This book contains adult conversations addressing issues such as drinking, gambling, and prostitution, but all of it is handled in a way commiserate with the Christian faith.



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