A Sparrow in Terezin

sparrow in terezin

My Thoughts As a reader who greatly enjoyed Kristy Cambron's first book in this series, "The Butterfly and the Violin," I was delighted when I was offered the second book in the series for review.  In this novel, Sera and William return and their relationship matures with new and exciting struggles.  A new historical romance also fills the pages with the same heart pulling … [Read more...]

The Signature of All Things

the signature of all things

"The Signature of All Things" is an intricate and detailed novel that depicts the life of Alma Whittaker.  Her entire life.  Beginning with birth to an ambitious if less than brilliant father (the best part of the book), Alma spends her life sharpening her unique brand of intelligence and an unmatched fascination with horticulture and oral sex.  The latter renders her … [Read more...]

Where’d You Go, Bernadette

where bernadette

Bernadette is a mom of an extremely intelligent, gifted, and kind young lady.  She is a celebrated architect stunted by personal circumstances.  She is a wife to a well known and highly respected computer intelligence specialist.  She is also a little bit crazy and finds her self facing an array of circumstances not typical, but comical in high society life. My … [Read more...]

Still Alice

Still Alice

Alice is a well respected Harvard professor and mother of three intelligent, talented children.  She is happily married and lives an active, healthy lifestyle as a runner.  The memory loss is unexpected and terrifying.  An intelligent woman, Alice's very identify and self-worth are intimately tied to her ability to function at a high level as an instructor, researcher, and … [Read more...]

Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob

Andrew Barber's 14 year old son has just become the prime suspect for murder.  As a district attorney, Andrew must grapple with career, family, and small town ramifications of the accusation, while struggling with his own concerns over his son's innocence.  The victim's family lives in the same town and secrets that Andrew would rather have kept hidden about his own past weed … [Read more...]