The Christian Mama’s Guide to Baby’s First Year by Erin MacPherson (Book Review)

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The Christian Mama’s Guide to Baby’s First Year was such a wonderful read and so very refreshing after plodding through several less than encouraging“girlfriend” guides to pregnancy and raising your newborn.  Many of the other pregnancy and newborn books were very negative and focused almost exclusively on how hard raising new children can be on the Mom and the marriage.  Although, MacPherson offers plenty of empathy and humorous antidotes about her own life, that openly illustrate that being a new mother is not an easy trick, she manages to infuse the novel with positivity and grace.  She celebrates the joys of new motherhood and encourages other mothers to do the same.  As a potentially unintended consequence, the book also results in a desire to reach out to other new moms who may be struggling or having a bad day to let them know they are not alone in this life challenge.

Many of the chapters are common to the new motherhood books, such as getting your baby to sleep, convincing them to eat, changing diapers, and when to seek medical advice.  This book is different in that for each of the subjects the chapters serve as summaries of most of the advice in other books and can quickly point you in the correct direction for reading that most suits your current need.  She offers her own personal insights and tips and tricks for saving money,time, and sanity while completing each of the above motherhood adventures.  The chapters include her personal experiences, which truly provide the feeling that you are sharing motherhood in the company of a close friend.  There are several points during the book where I laughed out loud; a wonderful therapeutic side effect to reading this book.

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Baby’s First Year does include some additional chapters that are missing from several other useful motherhood manuals.  There is a strong focus on remembering to enjoy your newborn and with that theme in mind there is an entire chapter devoted to having fun with your baby.  She provides you with helpful hints and tips on how to entertain both new mama and baby, which truthfully after sifting through an endless array of books on nursing, sleeping, and medical care doesn’t even seem like a concerning issue until your sitting across from your very own 6 month old.

MacPherson also addresses the need for taking care of yourself and your personal needs without lecturing or preaching.  Her style of writing is comfortable, personable, and conversational.   One of my favorite portions of her book is a section devoted to helping Daddy’s bond to the new mother we become and to the new baby that is taking up such a large portion of his wife’s time.  The section is presented with advice from a panel of the author’s family members and friends and is an absolute delight to read and review with your spouse!

MacPherson often neglects being politically correct in favor of being true to herself and offering Christian support.  At one point in the book, MacPherson openly admits that even a close friend questioned the need for a Christian mother’s guide when there are already so many other resources available to new mothers.  Thank goodness she kept on writing.  Her words are easy to read and her message clear, positive, and uplifting.  I highly recommend this book for all new Christian moms over any of the other motherhood manuals I have encountered.  I am thrilled that she has authored more motherhood books and fully intend to take advantage of them.  MacPherson’s other available titles include:

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Parenting a Toddler

The Christian Mama’s Guide to the Grade School Years

Reasons to Read: If you are a new mother, I highly recommend this book.  Regardless of whether this is your first or fifth child, there is some advice and motivation to be found in these pages to help you truly enjoy being a mother.  Some of the more traditional chapters may be repetitive to other resources, but the added avenues of humor and positive insight are well worth a review of the factual material you may already know.

Reasons to Pass:  This book is not meant to substitute for true medical advice of any kind (pediatric, psychological, OBGYN, nutritional, etc.).  If you are in need of true doctoral counsel or factual, scientific data you may be better served to reach for a more academic book. If you aren’t Christian, you may be uncomfortable with the author’s persistent reference to scripture and prayer.  As a Christian, they are uplifting and encouraging at a time in your life when being befriended by a prayer warrior and being one yourself can make all the difference!

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Suggested Rating:  PG

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