Your Family in Pictures: The Parents’ Guide to Photographing Holidays, Family Portraits, and Everyday Life by Me Ra Koh

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I can’t tell you how many parents I know that bought a new camera when they had the first, maybe even their second child.  Count my husband and I in that number!  I had already learned the hard way that I didn’t always manage to get my SLR out in time to capture all the fabulous moments of pet ownership, so figured there was no chance of capturing all the awesome hi-jinks of an infant and toddler with such a large camera.  Most of my shots these days are taken with a point and shoot, which does an OK job; Your Family in Pictures provides tips on how it can do an even better job.  There are still those rare occasions for which the big mama jamma camera gets to come back out of her bag and play.  On those days……this book is a fabulous resource to help make sure my pictures are set up for success!

I have taken several photography classes and read some photography blogs, but honestly, with mommy brain and the rush of everyday life sometimes thinking through the aperture and focal length settings takes just long enough for the picturesque moment I wanted to capture to end.  Your Family in Pictures provides simple “camera recipes” to use for some of the most important family moments such as birthday, holidays, graduation, and vacation.  There are also sections on how to shoot active pets, different family members, and family portraits.  An entire chapter is dedicated to helping do photographic justice to everyday moments; which as parents we all know are often the best and most treasured.

Loaded with tips and advice on how to set yourself up to take the best photograph possible with the equipment you have, this book provides lots of advice; some of which I knew and some that has inspired me to try, try, try again.  Hold still toddler!!!!  LOL  (FYI:  The author recommends taking candid family shots – check!)  The recipes for specific situations provide the when (time of day and setting), prep (how and where to place subjects and or camera), compose (altering the environment or camera as needed to get it just right), and capture (determining what should be within your frame) elements.  Techniques are included for both point and shoot and digital SLR users.  Basically, Your Family in Pictures is a combination of crib notes and cheat sheets for how to make sure you capture your family life in photographs – love it!

This title will be released on August 12, 2014.  Pre-orders are available.

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