Goodnight Gorilla

Even before you have a baby the experts recommend reading to your child in the womb. Libraries have read aloud activities for babies beginning at birth and signs are even posted on street corners encouraging you to read for just 10 minutes a day to your tiny offspring. Yet, for me initial attempts at reading to our first born once she escaped the confines of my womb were sobering at best. I tried multiple books that Gray and I remembered from childhood, resulting primarily in crying fits from Little Pants. She would much rather stretch her legs, nurse, or look at the world around her; anything but pay attention to a book. Anytime she would cry I would stop reading and move onto another activity, desperate to keep her from developing an aversion to this sacred activity.  Then one day we opened Goodnight Gorilla and the world of reading became a happier place for both of us 🙂

Gray and Little Pants with Goodnight Gorilla


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