March Virtual Book Club for Kids–Julia Donaldson

Virtual Book Club

I am delighted to be participating in the Virtual Book Club for Kids for March.  The author highlighted is Julia Donaldson.  This is not an author I was very familiar with and I was grateful to have suggestions for what book might be best to read to my 7 month old from both Mud Hut Mama (“Cave Baby” or “Monkey Puzzle”) and Jill at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom (“One Ted Falls Out of Bed” or “Rosie’s Hat”).  This decision was made much simpler, because the only one of these four books our local library had available was “One Ted Falls Out of Bed“.

Author for March – Julia Donaldson

If you are not familiar with Julia Donaldson and would like to know more, I highly recommend you check out her official web site.  This link is full of informational tidbits such as a biography for children on becoming an author, pictures of Julia and her family, including many of her fictional characters, and an entire list of her lengthy repertoire.



Reading “One Ted Falls Out of Bed

As a new mom, I had images of cuddling with my infant daughter and reading together everyday just like the all knowing parenting manual told us to do.  She would love it and laugh and start to turn pages and all would be well.  In reality it was more like wrestling with a caged monkey trying to grab the remote control and eat the book than a quiet, blissful snuggle fest.  My husband and I have learned to keep Itty Bitty interested in a book by selecting those with simple, colorful images, those that rhyme, and those in which we can either sing or act out words.

One Ted Falls Out of Bed” lends itself beautifully to learning to count.  This is a little advanced for a 7 month old, but the words do rhyme and there are plenty of “action” words to keep her interested.  Ted falls, tugs and pulls, jumps and shouts, and roars around like a fast car and so do we with the Itty Bitty while we read this book.  She loves the interaction and gets excited when we get to the parts of the book where she knows we are going to engage in some form of physical activity.

Between reading about Julia Donaldson on her web site and reading “One Ted Falls Out of Bed,”  I can say that I am really quite taken with this author and look forward to sharing more of her work with the Itty Bitty as she gets older!

Do you have a favorite book by Julia Donaldson?  Prey Species is officially taking recommendations Smile

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      Erin – It is a really cute book – I’m sure your group would enjoy it. I am so glad that the Virtual Book Club did Julia Donaldson this month – I had never heard of her and now, feel like we have tons of new books to try – which I love! Thank you for the compliments on my Itty Bitty – we are totally smitten over here 🙂

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    Gosh your little once is so cute! It looks like she really likes that book. I will have to check out more books by Julia Donaldson because I only know about the Gruffalo. Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks Tulip – I think she’s pretty cute too 🙂 I was really glad the book club chose Julia Donaldson this month – I had no idea she had such an extensive resume either. I’m really looking forward to reading more of her books with Itty Bitty! Would you believe we haven’t read the Gruffalo yet?

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      Hi Jill! Thanks for the compliment of my daughter – I’m very taken with her 😉 And – thank you so much for the suggestion – I think that’s one of my favorite parts about the blogging community is sharing all these wonderful ideas and suggestions 🙂 We have Stick Man and Room on the Broom on our list for when she gets a little older…..although, she loves puppets – wonder if I can make a Stick Man puppet….hmmmmmmm

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