On a Quest for Christ by Lisa Are’ Wulf (Book Review)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review as part of The CWA Review Crew.  Clicking on the image of the book or on the links to the title in this text will lead you to an Amazon affiliate link.

“On a Quest for Christ: tracing the footsteps of your spiritual journey” is a 30 day devotional that guides the reader through the process of recording the life choices and experiences that have led to a closer relationship with Christ.  Along the way, the author shares her personal path to God and uses examples from her own life to illustrate how her choices and activities shaped her personal journey in becoming a Christian and engaging in ministry.  The personal stories are engaging and nakedly honest resulting in a feeling of camaraderie with the author.

The author has a vast amount of life experience and utilizes many personal instances to guide the reader to think through their own life choices and motivations for action.  The journal is divided into easy to digest snippets with questions that guide self-evaluation and introspection.  Each section concludes with instruction for reflection prayer.

The very first chapter begins with a quick paragraph discussing a new infant’s potential thoughts upon entering the world from a mother’s womb.  The initial wording seemed a bit awkward and uncomfortable, almost as though the author was asking the reader to relive the actual birth experience.  Fortunately, the goal is not necessarily to go through each stage of life and birth, but rather to reflect on the circumstances of one’s birth and childhood that form one’s early opinions and exposure to Christ.  Subsequent chapters are devoid of such, potentially awkward wording and hopefully most readers will be able to quickly refocus on the underlying message.

This journal would most likely be suited for an individual who has either just discovered the church or has been reunited with the church.  Those with significant life experience will have more material to draw upon during the reflections and in answering the questions throughout the journal.  Readers may find that there are portions of this journal that they are not yet ready to complete if their search for understanding God and forming a relationship with Him is still in the formative stages.  This book serves more as a documentary and record of one’s already established relationship with Christ, as opposed to a guide to gaining or strengthening that relationship.

As always, all opinions regarding this book are unique and my own.  Your personal experience may vary and I greatly appreciate all the efforts and talents the author has put to use in producing this journal.  I strongly encourage you to form you own opinion of this book 🙂

ISBN: 978-1938042003 | List Price: $9.99 | Format: Softcover | Page Count: 144

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