A Sparrow in Terezin

sparrow in terezin

My Thoughts As a reader who greatly enjoyed Kristy Cambron's first book in this series, "The Butterfly and the Violin," I was delighted when I was offered the second book in the series for review.  In this novel, Sera and William return and their relationship matures with new and exciting struggles.  A new historical romance also fills the pages with the same heart pulling … [Read more...]

Halo Found Hope A Memoir

halo found hope

Raw and real, "Halo Found Hope," shares the journey of a young woman, who by God's grace and mercy defeats death, seemingly more than once.  Her trying tale of medical triumph over brain cancer, shows God's hand in the actions of her surgeon, intensive care personnel, family, and perhaps most touchingly herself.  The book is laced with scripture and reference to God's presence … [Read more...]