The Girls of Atomic City

the girls of atomic city

The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan is a collection of vignettes about the lives of young women working in a secret city during WWII in which a component of the work needed to produce the atomic bomb occurred.  The group's interest in reading this novel stems from our city, Knoxville, TN's close proximity to Oak Ridge.  Cars sold in Oak Ridge, frequently sport the slogan … [Read more...]

Win a Copy of Team Us: Marriage Together

Reading Team Us:  Marriage Together is a lot like listening to a friend dispel marriage advice; however, this friend (i.e. author) also has specialized training in communication.  She offers very real advice based on vignettes from her own marriage and that of close relatives and friends.  This approach results in the relaying of several entertaining if … [Read more...]

940 Saturdays – Family Activities and Keepsake Journal

  I first came across the book, "940 Saturdays" by Harley A. Rotbart, MD in a brief snippet in Parents Magazine.  Turns out Dr. Rotbart is a regular consultant for the magazine.  The periodical put a number to a lingering thought in most parents' minds; we don't have these beautiful blessings we call children at home forever.  940 Saturdays.  Seems like so many and yet, … [Read more...]

Where’d You Go, Bernadette

where bernadette

Bernadette is a mom of an extremely intelligent, gifted, and kind young lady.  She is a celebrated architect stunted by personal circumstances.  She is a wife to a well known and highly respected computer intelligence specialist.  She is also a little bit crazy and finds her self facing an array of circumstances not typical, but comical in high society life. My … [Read more...]

Looking to Reduce Family Screen Time? Try Growing Up Social by Gary Chapman (Comment to Win A Free Copy!!!)

My Review Reducing the amount of time my family spends mindlessly glued to the television or computer is an ongoing battle.  Before having kids we routinely fell asleep to the news on the TV in the bedroom, read Face Book posts from our phones to each other at the dining room table, and watched television marathons and Netflix movies every weekend.  With little ones in the … [Read more...]